Monday, 19 October 2015

Brookes Planning Society

September saw the official launch of the Brookes Planning Society. The first event was a very successful welcome dinner with undergraduate, postgraduate students and staff sharing their experiences and expectations for the courses and their future careers.

Linh Pham, Alex Higgins, Freddy Hedberg, Swara Shah

Staff and Students interacting at the Welcome Dinner
Under the president Linh Trinh Pham Hai and the secretaries Alex Higgins, Swara Shah and Freddy Hedberg the society has a busy schedule of talks and support activities (module hacks and advice on jobs) for current students. 

Students teaching Students as part of the Module Hacks.

Their second activity involved a Sunday afternoon visit to the Natural History and Pitt Rivers museums with the aim of promoting social interaction amongst members of the society.

Getting out of the classroom: Planning at the Natural History.
The trip to the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford was so much fun and really interesting. It was great meeting other planners from various stages of the course and getting to know where they come from, what areas of planning they are interested in, and why they decided to come to Oxford Brooke's University (Freddy Hedberg, MPlan). 

A big part of learning in Planning and Urban Design takes place in co-curricular activities and the society is a big partner in delivering an exciting learning environment. Check the Facebook group for more details and to keep informed about the activities.

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