Monday, 14 May 2018

Urban Lab 2: Live Project 2018 - with East Oxford Primary School

This semester, students on the BA Urban Design, Planning and Development took part in the Urban Lab 2 and worked with the East Oxford Primary School as their live project client. The students worked with the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors to develop housing proposals for the school site to generate income for reinvesting in the school building. As part of the project the students had a visit from 30 children in Year 4 who came to Brookes for an Open Space Design Workshop. The students delivered the workshop and the results informed their final proposals. The final project presentations took place on Monday 30 April at East Oxford Primary School with an audience including local residents, Councillors, school teachers and lecturers to discuss and provide feedback.

The Headteacher of EOPS said: 'Thank you for the amazing work produced by your students. They have given us lots of ideas for ways forward, and I was very impressed by both the attention to detail and the accuracy in the designs. You have clearly done a great job in inspiring and facilitating them! Pass on my thanks to them, and - who knows - maybe in ten years' time they will see one of their ideas standing on this site!'

And now for some photos...

Thinking about what makes a Happy Street...

...and getting to work in the Urban Design Lab at Oxford Brookes.

The results!

The final presentations at East Oxford Primary School.

And finally, the students who made it all happen, with Laura Novo de Azevedo (in the front) who is a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes and leader of the BA Urban Design, Planning and Development.

To find out more about the BA Urban Design, Planning and Development, take a look at the course page on our website:

BA Urban Design, Planning and Development

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