Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Amsterdam 2018: Undergraduate Field Trip

At the end of January 2018 a group of second year students from the BA Planning and Property Development and the BA City and Regional Planning visited the Netherlands. The trip in photos (by Dan Sames)...

Day 1: stop over at Liege Station on the way to Maastricht

Liege Station: an example of how the public space has been transformed to allow greater movement through the station and provide a safer environment.

Day 2: the students visited the development at Belvedere near Maastricht
for a series of talks...

 ...and a walking tour.

The Student Hotel (one of a chain developed by a Scottish entrepreneur) in Belvedere (Maastricht) was created in a refurbished factory building.

After the visit to Belvedere, the students visited the Fort and 
the Centre Ceramique in Maastricht.

Day 3: a visit to Rotterdam for a talk about the development of Rotterdam...

...and a walking tour to take in some of the architecture projects including...

...the Market Hall in Rotterdam. At the end of Day 3 the students travelled to Amsterdam where they spent the night before moving onto...

Day 4: a talk on Amsterdam development and a visit to Ijburg. Ijburg is an urban development  district to the east of Amsterdam and is built on a series of islands, including artificial islands built on a sand bar.

Day 5: site visit in Almere before returning to Oxford. Almere is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and is known for its innovative housing.

For more information about the BA Planning and Property Development take a look at our website:

BA Planning and Property Development

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Urban Design Exhibition - December 2017

Students from the BA in Urban Design, Planning and Development (Urban Lab 1) and the MA Urban Design (Urban Design Studio II) presented and exhibited their work to staff and students from the School of the Built Environment on Wednesday 13 December in the Urban Labs. Some photos...



and models

For more information on the two courses, follow the links below:

BA Urban Design, Planning and Development
MA Urban Design

Monday, 4 December 2017

Urban Design Workshop with Oxford Academy

A group of first year students from the BA Urban Design, Planning and Development recently ran an Urban Design workshop with sixth form students from the Oxford Academy. The workshop was designed to develop visions and ideas for the improvement of the Blackbird Leys Central District and is part of a live project to be presented to Oxford City Council.

The day was structured around a number of activities to challenge the students to think about their local environment and how they would like it to look in the future. These included drawing mental maps of the area to explore legibility: a visioning exercise to collect together ideas on how the Central District could be improved and a modelling exercise aimed at translating these ideas into changes on the ground.

The workshop in photos (thanks to the students for all these)...

Mental maps and... analysis.

The results!
Cutting and pasting to create...

...the mood boards

...which are part of the visioning exercise

Work in progress...

...and the finished mood boards...

...the second mood board.

The modelling exercise...

...using play-doh and wooden blocks

For more information on the BA Urban Design, Planning and Development and on the regeneration plans for the Blackbird Leys Central District, click on the blue links in the text above.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Foundation in the Built Environment: London Field Trip 2017

The School of the Built Environment offers a Foundation in the Built Environment (FBE). The course is designed to develop understanding and problem-solving skills in areas which are fundamental to the environment, design and development of cities. Students are introduced to a variety of subjects that, with the correct choice of modules, will allow progress to one of the undergraduate degree courses offered within the School of the Built Environment.

The FBE students went on a field trip to The City of London on 1 November. And this year, the weather was great (no rain, unlike the 2016 version of the trip). The field trip is part of the module 'Integrative and Contextual Studies' and allows students to explore the nature of the built environment and the parties and processes involved in building and maintaining it, as well as the bodies and factors influencing design and development.

At London Guildhall

The trip started at Guildhall in the City of London with a visit to The City Centre for a series of presentations about the developments taking place within the City of London. The first from Lettie McKie (Education Manager at The City Centre) about the development of London based around the City of London model, the second from Daryl Perry (Associate: Research, at Bilfinger GVA) and the third from Leonora Schofield (Management Surveyor at Broadgate Estates, and a graduate of Oxford Brookes).

The City of London model

Mike Stubbs introducing the presentations (with Daryl Perry on the right)

After the presentations the students visited the site on which they would base their presentation and written work. There were 7 sites altogether: Broadgate, Lloyds of London, No.1 Poultry, Aldermanbury Square, Paternoster Square, Millenium Bridge/Tate Modern and Bankside 123 - click on the blue links for more information. This year, the photos focus on Broadgate, Liverpool Street and Finsbury Avenue of other sites can be found on the field trip blog from 2016. The journey in photos...

From the Bank of England... on the street on Moorgate... the development taking place at 101 Moorgate.

And on to Finsbury Square...

...the location for Patio, a rotational pop-up restaurant.

Walking into the Broadgate development and Finsbury Avenue Square.

5 Broadgate... of the largest stainless steel-clad buildings in the world.

Broadgate: Finsbury Avenue Square...

...with lots of meeting and eating opportunities

Broadgate Circle...

...and a wider view

Walking back towards Liverpool Street Station

Development at 100 Liverpool Street...

...and Crossrail.

100 Liverpool Street from the other side...

...and a short walk to the area around Brick Lane.

Not on the brief, but a beautiful area of London...

...with some great street art.

Back through the City... Guildhall and the coach home. Most people fell asleep, but I didn't take any photos. Honest :)