Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Urban Design: Students at Work

Some great examples of student work from two of the urban design modules that ran this year as part of our BA/MPlan City and Regional Planning. Thanks to Laura Novo de Azevedo (Senior Lecturer in Planning and Urban Design) for sharing this...

Urban Design and Development
This is a second year module (and a postgraduate option on the MA Urban Design) that weaves together two really interesting aspects of urban design: the application of actual and real solutions on the ground and the 'art' of urban design.

This year, the students worked on a live project at Radley Village. The Parish Council is keen to improve the urban fabric and impact positive lifestyles in the village to herald the urban development and renewal of the area and in this context we assumed the role of a planning and urban design consultancy which has been commissioned by Radley Parish Council to evaluate and test the potential for development for specific through a masterplan and a set of design codes. Together with representatives of the community and the Parish Councillors the students developed a vision for the village and their respective development sites, assessed the development opportunities and developed the necessary codes to achieve the vision.

For more information about the projects and the module, take a look at the module website:
Urban Design and Development

Visiting Radley Village

The Radley Selfie

City Design and Skills
The mix of first year students taking the City Design and Skills module this year made for a really interesting experience with work groups composed of a mixture of students from BA City and Regional Planning, BSc Real Estate Management and BA Planning and Property Development.
The module focuses on developing representation and communication skills thorough a variety of media as well as introducing the students to the fundamental concepts in urban design.

This year, students were asked to develop urban design proposals exploring the potential for development for the car parking behind Tesco in Cowley Road (Oxford). Local council officers were asked to provide input (a series of talks and guest lectures) and they also participated in the final presentations which took place at the Oxford Council Court Rooms.

Presenting their work in the Oxford City Council Court Rooms

For the Tesco car park site we worked with the idea of 'what makes a good place' and the results were divided into: Project 01 - A3 report showing the analysis and development of design actions and Project 02 - a short video using 3D software to test the design actions into the 'production' of a good place. The videos are all available on YouTube and some examples follow:

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