Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Amsterdam 2018: Undergraduate Field Trip

At the end of January 2018 a group of second year students from the BA Planning and Property Development and the BA City and Regional Planning visited the Netherlands. The trip in photos (by Dan Sames)...

Day 1: stop over at Liege Station on the way to Maastricht

Liege Station: an example of how the public space has been transformed to allow greater movement through the station and provide a safer environment.

Day 2: the students visited the development at Belvedere near Maastricht
for a series of talks...

 ...and a walking tour.

The Student Hotel (one of a chain developed by a Scottish entrepreneur) in Belvedere (Maastricht) was created in a refurbished factory building.

After the visit to Belvedere, the students visited the Fort and 
the Centre Ceramique in Maastricht.

Day 3: a visit to Rotterdam for a talk about the development of Rotterdam...

...and a walking tour to take in some of the architecture projects including...

...the Market Hall in Rotterdam. At the end of Day 3 the students travelled to Amsterdam where they spent the night before moving onto...

Day 4: a talk on Amsterdam development and a visit to Ijburg. Ijburg is an urban development  district to the east of Amsterdam and is built on a series of islands, including artificial islands built on a sand bar.

Day 5: site visit in Almere before returning to Oxford. Almere is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and is known for its innovative housing.

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