Monday 19 October 2015

‘BUDS’ invite their buds to a Celebratory Multimedia Exhibition

At the beginning of this month we staged our week-long BUDS (Brazil Urban Design Study) exhibition in the inspirational new John Henry Brookes building.

We wanted the display to tell our story by showing off our unique experiences through multimedia. The photo’s captured our humbling visits to the favelas but also illustrate the hard work during the workshops. The video footage included interviews, which displayed how we gaged the real feelings of the communities we worked with, but they also gave insight to the team’s downtime when we experienced Brazilian culture in a different way - some of that is too funny for words! – but you can watch on our VLOG below ;-)

The opening evening was buzzing with excitement. To soak up the Brazilian theme, some of the team worked hard to give visitors a real flavour of our trip by making typical brazilian food - 'Brigadeiros' and 'Pao de Queijo' (cheese balls)  - and drinks - Guarana and homemade lemonade. 

Overall, the exhibition was a big success with dozens of people coming to celebrate with us throughout the week! If you’re interested to know more then exhibition materials and our contact details can be found HERE.

(text by Sean Kelly on behalf of the BUDS 2015 team; photos by BUDS2015) 

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